July 2009

Sculpture.org provides us with an all-too-rare interview with one of my current obsessively-favorite artists, sculptor Steve Dilworth.

Massive, novella-length review of Peter Ackroyd’s Thames: Sacred River by London’s patron saint of psychogeography, Iain Sinclair.

Sarfraz Manzoor pokes his head into Bradford on the 75th anniversary of its favorite son, J.B. Priestly’s, influential travelogue of the Old Weird Albion.


From this point out, Old Weird Albion will:

a) Be actually USED. 

b) Serve a new purpose – which was actually its original one: As a sort of public, running notebook related to my own work on the “Old Weird Albion” book. 

c) Probably be of interest to a total of a half-dozen folks, but…

d) I don’t really care. 

Future posts will include writing tidbits and brief notes, as well as a few longer bits’n’pieces, and a whole mess of links to articles and sites that I find of interest regarding my realms of interest – i.e. the ubiquitous eccentricity that comprises the Old Weird english culture. Consider it your Compleat Anglophile.