Good Morning, Britain

Chicken tikka masala for dinner last night (at the illustrious Peoples Restaurant) makes me think of the dish’s illustrious British history: Invented, it seems almost certain, by a Pakistani chef in Glasgow, Scotland, it has – over the past decade – ascended to that holiest of English cuisine holies and become the most commonly eaten takeaway meal in the country. Surpassing those fish ‘n’ chips.

Hence the more in-the-know Brit restaurants around the world, like Piper’s Pub here in Pittsburgh serving curries – and, perhaps more importantly, curried chips – on their “across the pond” menu; and hence The Saxon in lovely little Steyning, W. Sussex, an aptly named Indian and Nepalese restaurant.

Maybe even more interestingly, where on the face of this earth would there, today, be an “Indian” restaurant that did not serve chicken tikka masala? Could it be that this South-Asian-Scottish meal has become Britain’s most ubiquitous contribution to world cuisine? England’s favorite fast food an “Indian” dish created by a Pakistani in Glasgow? Enough to make the BNP curl up and die – at least hopefully. Reminds me of a song… Cheers, and Namaste!


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