August 2010

…being a quick introduction to three sites that have become important links on the Old Weird Albion reading list during my hiatus, each of which looks at folk music and folk tale in an interesting new light….

Cover of "What I Did This Summer" by Coventry painter George Shaw

Hey! Let’s take a trip to Folk Suburb! is an extremely odd creation: the reification of English folk songs as modern folk tales of suburban English life. Both on the blog and in the first issue of This Roaring Peace – a new .pdf-based zine of these materials created by the sister site Jack’s Tray – Folk Suburb imagines lyrics such as “Lovely Joan” set in today’s suburban netherworlds; a Martin Carthy reared on J.G. Ballard. (more…)


Phase two of my locative documentary poetry project, Public Record, is well under way, so it’s time to reenter the world of blogging. Please allow this to serve as both line-break, and invitation to check out the Public Record website!