Thin Place Mixtape

I recently made a mixtape for Concrete Island, as a kind of celebration of the moods connected to the Chanctonbury Rings album. It has been brought to my attention that it’s difficult (impossible?) to see some of the artists mentioned because many of the tracks are mixes of poetry/prose/speech and other artists’ music.

I’m a bit torn, because I like that mystery and anonymity, but I hate not giving credit. So if you WANT to know what *everything* is, I’m listing it below.

0:00 Ulver ‘Not Saved’ (includes extracts from Caroline Bergvall ’48 Dante Variations’)

3:40 Jem Finer & Andrew Kotting ‘Leda’ (from Visionary Seascapes) (includes an interviewer questioning Derrida about atheism)

5:35 The Belbury Poly ‘The Geography’ (from Belbury Tales)

9:40 Provincials ‘White with Waving Goodbye’ (from When the Light Changes)

12:50 Charles Kellogg ‘Songs of our Native Birds No. 1’ (from this exquisite collection of ‘bird imitation’ records on Canary Records)

13:37 Ian Partridge & Jennifer Partridge ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’ (by Ivor Gurney) (from English Songs)

15:45 Justin Hopper, Scanner, Syd Moore and Stuart Bowditch (from my own Public Record: Estuary project)

17:20 Eva Kierten ‘The Shattered Vessel Pt. 1’ (released by Other Forms of Consecrated Life), (includes Gertrude Stein ‘A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson’ and extracts from an interview with Almeda Riddle recorded by Alan Lomax & Shirley Collins)

24:20 Jack MacGowran ‘from Malone Dies’ (from MacGowran Speaks Beckett)

28:07 Evan Lurie ‘Tarantella’ (from Selling Water by the Side of the River)

31:47 Grasscut ’The Tin Man’ (from 1 Inch…)

36:03 Jem Finer & Andrew Kotting ‘Piano Drawers’ (as above)

37:24 Richard Skelton ‘Roan’ (from Border Ballads)

40:48 Basil Bunting ‘Briggflatts Pt. 1’ (from Bunting reading Briggflatts)

42:42 Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson ‘The Well of Youth’ (from Hirta Songs)

45:58 Shirley Collins ‘Down by the Seaside’ (from Adieu to Old England)

48:36 Sharron Kraus ‘My Danger’ (from Joy’s Reflection…)

52:00 Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with The Belbury Poly ‘Breath’ (from Chanctonbury Rings)

54:29 Brian Harnetty ‘Neva’ (from Shawnee, Ohio)

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